I wasn’t kidding when I said I wanted to get to know you! Once you’ve had a chance to browse the guide, let’s hop on a call, Face-time, or grab supper to go over any questions you might have. Then we can nail down the customized plan for your wedding day, ensuring we don’t miss a thing! 

step four

With your autograph on the dotted line + a retainer - it’s official!! You are on my books! While we plan your engagement session and day-of timeline, I’ll be practicing my dance moves in the mirror (they’ll always be bad), so get ready for me to light up the dance floor at your reception!

step three

Within a day or less, I’ll finish “oohing and ahhing” over your plans and send my Package Guide your way! Inside, you’ll find all the details about me, what I do, and how I do it. You’ll also dive a little deeper into the kind of wedding day coverage I offer. Once you do a little reading, we’ll create something that best suits your unique wedding.

step two

You'll send the deets!! From the date of your special day to what makes you, YOU - I want to learn it all! So, hit me up + tell me about yourself, your love story, and the incredible wedding celebration you’re cooking up. 

step one

I’m ready to parrrrrty. Yup, I hope you all have the bridesmaid meme in your mind. I can’t wait to walk by your side through this insanely exciting time in your life, and I look forward to becoming your photographer, wing-woman, and friend. Want me behind the camera at your down-home wedding?

the experience

I want to make sure you are getting the most out of your investment, and I don’t ever take your hard-earned dollar lightly. I know how hard you have worked planning and saving for your wedding! I want to make sure that I am serving y’all the best way possible.

I’ll shovel horse crap out of the way, hold the things, wrangle all your rowdy groomsmen, open the gates, yell at the family a little bit, whatever you need. Being your wedding photographer is more than just showing up with my camera; I will be by your side through the whole process!

Making wedding dreams a reality

I believe with all my heart that no two wedding days are exactly alike. With 70+ weddings under my belt, I can honestly say that each one of my couples + their wedding day has been so uniquely and beautifully different. With that in mind, I prefer to put together customized packages for all of my couples based on their individual needs + dreams. So, give me a ring, and we can start making big, big plans!

There’s no need to squeeze into a pre-made box, here! 


Did ya know I do more than just weddings + engagements? From anniversary + couple sessions to family + the whole herd, there's a special place in this southern gal's heart for sessions outside of wedding days. If you're interested, reach out! Sessions start at $375 

couples + more

Congrats on the engagement!! Whether you choose to book me for your wedding + engagements, or just your engagements - I'm stoked you've chosen me to capture part of your story! For engagements, I will meet you at your favorite place, make you laugh + capture some amazing photos. Engagement sessions start at $375

engagement sess

From the moment you reach out to me about your wedding day to the instant your gallery is delivered, it's safe to say I will make sure ya'll are taken care of! I'll be your right-hand gal through it all. Weddings coverage start at $3,000

Wedding plans